Sustainability and LEED

WALLTITE® Eco is the first closed-cell spray polyurethane insulation to obtain the EcoLogo™. North America's most widely recognized multi-attribute environmental certification. Its criteria include aggressive rates of recycled content and the promotion of products that conserve resources.

Any product and service can claim to be environmentally friendly. The EcoLogo program provides consumers with the assurance that the product bearing the EcoLogo really is better for the environment and that the manufacturer has been audited by a credible third party.

WALLTITE Eco also meets the stringent requirements of the GREENGUARD Certification Programs and GREENGUARD Children and Schools certification, thus ensuring optimal thermal comfort and safety.

Eco stands for the balance between ecology and economy, achieved through the performance of WALLTITE Eco.


  • Materials consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Emissions to air, soil and water
  • Risk potential for misuse
  • Health effect potential
  • Land use
Analysis Beats Greenwash brochure ( PDF, 269kb)


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ( PDF, 78kb)

Attaining certification under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is an increasing goal of designers and developers coast to coast. WALLTITE Eco can help your project achieve points in several categories, including:

EAc1 - Optimize Energy Performance (1-10 points)
MRc8 - Durable building
MRc5.1-5.2 - Regional materials
MRc4 - Recycled content
EQc7.1 - Thermal Comfort: Compliance

*consult your LEED Accredited Professional



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